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Tell your healthy story (the power of stories)

I Google’d today  the words tell your story and it is amazing how many sites and tools out there that  will help you tell your story.  Some are even  specific to telling your health story.  With this being national public health week it is a good opportunity to tell your health story.   Stories are told everyday through social media.  Every day that you speak there is a story to be told.   Stories are powerful.    The kony 2012  viral  video was at the heart a story about the little boy that the interviewed.   I am friends  on facebook with the author who wrote the book that the movie  Philadelphia was based on.  I tell my story every time I  post on of my DJ sets. my story of how i love to DJ  and will continue to do so in spite of the pains that I can get in my hands from my chronic illnesses.

We are doing this blog challenge to tell our stories.  Anyone who blogs, tweets, creates a youtube  video is telling their stories.

Stories inspire us, make us mad,angry such as the unfolding story of  racism in america through stories like rosa parks to trayvon martin.

Every video game that our young adults play  tells some type of story wither it is the story line of the game itself or the   telling of their friends how great the video game was.

Stories are everything and even though they say there is no new story  just different variations of  the same story.  We still  love stories and stories need to be told over and over again.  We need each variation of our own stories to live.


Autism Awareness

Below is the picture  I chose for todays  health blog challenege.  After seeing it, It reminded me of a recent article I read where in the  US 1 – in 88 babies are born with autism  that  is a very high number and more research needs to be done on what is causing the rise in cases. Our babies  have a hard enough time growing up without any type of illness.  My chronic illnesses  development later in life  I can not even imagine growing up from a baby with a chronic illness.



Here is the article on autism. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mark-roithmayr/autism-statistics_b_1403263.html

Why I write about my chronic illness

In 2015  it is projected that  half of the hiv/aids cases  will be people  50 years or older.  As I  get older and older  this statistic and that the majority of new cases is  younger people,  I decided  that more people need to talk about the daily struggles of living with hiv/aids.

Currently even though  we do live longer there is not much  education on the daily living and what the medications actually do the body over the long term.

When i started i noticed that other chronic illnesses also suffer the same dilemna and it started my  peer support of chronic illnesses.   Health care providers are needed to talk about the actual nedical innovations but for actually living with illnesses there is no one better to talk about that than the ones that  live with it daily.  that is why  I started   creating a blog and  start peer support initatives on facebook and twitter  to  start talking about the daily living  with chronic illnesses.

Superman still had weaknesses ( my super power post)

Everyone has a  unique gift that is their  super power.   My super power is  making  people feel welcome and loved.  I have had this ability and did not know  I had it till one year  I was invited to be the greeter at  church by my pastor.  He told me a had a natural gift of making people feel welcome.  A super power does not have to be something outrageous or unnatural.

My super power is a genuince concern for others and want to make them feel welcome no matter who they are or what may be going on with their body.


Also,  just because you are not perfect you have a chronic illness does not mean you cannot have a super power,  you still have something that makes you   unique with your own gifts.

Quotes for healthy living

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”    ―

Maya Angelou

“Music was my refuge.  I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”    ―

Maya Angelou

A part of healthy living is to live to your best.  Living your best does not mean having the most money  or the most fame but to  LIVE YOUR LIFE.  Find some things that you are passionate about and include those in your life.

The thing i am passionate about is  music especially  house and soul music and that is why I DJ it is my refuge as mentioned in the quote.  In order to unwind from stress and daily living  we need a refuge.

My HIV/AIDS Time Capsule

In the late 70’s early 80’s, opportunisitic infections are on the rise in california and new york.  Doctors are baffled at the increase rise of infections and noticed that it is hitting homosexual men and individuals injected drugs.

In 1982, the name AIDS (acquired immune deficency syndrome) was created.  In  1984 scientists  isolated the virus that could cause aids and named it  HIV.

In 1987,  the  first drug used to treat HIV, AZT was approved.

In 1993 AZT was found to be of no benefit to those in the early stages of  HIV infection.

In 1997 around 22 million people are living with hiv.

In 1999,  my story began  I was not only diagnosed with  hiv but full blown AIDS. Started my drug regiman.

In 2001 was diagnosed with diabetes  a common side effect of hiv medications

timeline information  from http://www.avert.org/aids-timeline.htm

Symptom free till  2009

In 2009, is when the side effects starting catching up with me,  Pain starting in my hands and feet,  diabetes was getting worse and worse.

in 2010  had to start taking insulin to control my diabetes.  went to working part time due to pain in hands and feet.

There still is no cure for hiv/aids and as  those like me with hiv/aids grow older more research needs to be done on the side effects such as an increased chance of dementia.  I have already started showing sides of dementia.

Since people living with hiv/aids longer lives.  The dynamics of hiv is changing since it is now considering just a chronic illness,  It is becoming difficult to reduce the number of infections.

As I go forward,  I am here to offer my years of experience with hiv as peer support through social media as way to give back and hopefully to create an income I can do from home.

HIV/AIDS  marches on………

Afraid to try, Afraid to Win

Healthy Living is not just about keeping our physical body healthy but also  living to our fullest potential.  For me , I often start something   that  I find real interesting and passionate about and then get discouraged along the way  or disappointed in my self that  it is not doing as much good as I hoped.  We all have charcter flaws its learning to deal with those flaws as best as we can.

I  recently read an  article  Is Fear of Failure Holding you Back and often  times we sabotage our onselves by doing things that we know we  are going to fail at and find the most outlandish way to fail saying that it was just too hard to start with.  I thnk that is sometimes my case but at some point you have to just keep moving through your own  fear.